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Type: Liquid
Application: Brutus is a premium alkaline cleaner for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing in shopping, industrial and food processing areas.
Brutus is a clear liquid. It is non explosive, non-flammable and readily miscible with water. Brutus is specifically formulated for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing of concrete floors, food processing equipment, fishing boat bilges and decks, engine
degreasing, etc. even in extreme hard water conditions.
Brutus is approved by AQIS as a general cleaner - type A for use in all departments.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE Brutus is suitable for use with all types of cleaning equipment. For cleaning manually or via pressure washers, steam cleaners, soak tanks or automatic scrubbers, dilute Brutus 1:10 to 1:80 with hot or cold water, depending on degree of soiling. When used on food processing equipment, rinse thoroughly with potable water.
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