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Type: Liquid
Application: DESCRIPTION
C5 is a clear viscous liquid, and S.G. 1.12 C5 is a unique blend of specialized surfactants, alkali's and chlorine which provides
a) Fast acting penetration of soils
b) Removal of stubborn proteins, blood & fat
c) Soil suspension agents to prevent redeposition
d) Active chlorine for sanitizing
C5 is completely miscible with water at all concentrations, and is D.P.I. approved for use through all types of food plants.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE Hand Cleaning 3-4ml/L Cutting Board Neat ? leave contact from 5-15mins (12mins is a good contact time) Foam Cleaning Meter through Venturi/Foam unit at a breakdown of 60:1 with water depending on nature of foam required. Leave to act for 3-5 minutes for sanitizing and rinse with potable water.