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Caskade Citrus Spray n wipe

Type: Liquid
Application: Caskade Spray & Wipe Citrus is a 5 in 1 Multipurpose cleaner for
use on kitchen and bathroom, bench tops, sinks, cook tops,
stainless, enamel, microwaves and other appliances.
Caskade Spray & Wipe Citrus kills 99% of germs, and is septic
tank safe. A simple and effective Spray & Wipe.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE Turn nozzle to ON position To Clean:  simply spray the surface with Caskade Spray & Wipe and wipe away the grime To Disinfect  thoroughly wet surface with Caskade Spray & Wipe and leave for 10 minutes before wiping clean. For shiny surfaces finish with a dry cloth Do not use on wood, natural marble or aluminium please conduct a surface test first.
Available in:
12 x 500ML
Order code: 3000120