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Exstatic High Res
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Type: Liquid
Application: Exstatic is a highly effective fabric softener. The softening effect imparted to fabric is described as fluffy, dry, non-greasy and static free. Towels treated with Exstatic have excellent water absorbency even after multiple laundry cycles.
Exstatic reduces drying times by lubricating fibres to allow them to untangle thus making drying easier and quicker.
Exstatic reduces static cling, improves fabric feel and smell, thus giving the end user a satisfying impression of quality.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE The relative dose of EXSTATIC per load may be varied to achieve increasing benefit as follows: IRONING AID 180mL/100Kg FASTER DRYING 300mL/100Kg GENERAL SOFTENING 400mL/100Kg SUPERIOR SOFTENING 600mL/100Kg Exstatic may be dosed directly from the container or a 10% stock solution may be prepared using cold water. Exstatic is stable to both acids and alkali therefore may be used in conjunction with laundry sours. However for optimum softening the final rinse should be nearly neutral, ideally pH 5.0 to 7.0 but good results can be obtained up to pH 10.0. Drying cycle temperatures need not be altered but times may be reduced by 15% with optimum softener usage.
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