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HD Chlorinated Alkali-20kg
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HD Chlorinated Alkali

Application: A full load of normally soiled washing requires 50g
(1 scoop) of HD Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent. If
the load is lightly soiled then the dose may be
reduced to 25g (1/2 scoop) but for heavy soiling the
dose may need to be increased to a maximum of
100g (2 scoops).

HD Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent is concentrated to provide top performance washing with maximum economy, and is effective in both hot and cold water, suitable for all automatic and agitator machines. HD Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent contains nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, chelating agents, phosphates, silicates, washing soda, and anti-redeposition agents.

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