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Type: Liquid
Application: For cleaning and sanitising all food processing operations in plants handling meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, milk, beverages, beer, wine, baked goods, canned goods, ice cream etc.
Hypostat is also extensively used for water chlorination, moss and mould removal and cleaning of stainless steels. Some of its advantages include:
Kills bacteria and viruses at recommended dilutions
A clear aqueous solution giving ease of application
Free rinsing leaving surfaces hygienically clean
Ideal for automatic dispensing through sprayers, feeders and chlorinators
Low cost, high effectiveness

NZFSA Approved.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE When possible all dilutions should be checked for the correct amount of free available chlorine prior to use. Dilute with cool water to maintain stability. Required Concentration of Chlorine 200 ppm-1.48 mL/L of Hypostat 500 ppm-3.7 mL/L of Hypostat 800 ppm-5.92 mL/L of Hypostat 1000 ppm-7.4 mL/L of Hypostat 4000 ppm-29.6 mL/L of Hypostat 50,000 ppm-370 mL/L of Hypostat
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