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Type: Liquid
Application: Laundry Liquid is a liquid laundry detergent for domestic and light industrial laundering by hand or machine washing. Being a liquid it instantly dissolves in the wash without leaving behind abrasive lumps to damage fabrics or machines.
Laundry Liquid is formulated from a combination of alkali builders, water conditioners emulsifiers, optical brighteners and soil suspending agents.
Laundry Liquid is suitable for most fabrics. It is recommended to always test fabrics for colour fastness. Never soak non fast colours, silk or wool.
Benefit: DIRECTIONS FOR USE ? Top loading machines: use 80mL for normal loads and 100-120 mL for large or heavily soiled loads. ? Twin tubs and Front loading machines: use 60mL for normal loads and 80-100mL for large or heavily soiled loads. Stain removal is promoted when poured directly onto stain and washed in the normal manner
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